94. Jahrestagung
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rechtsmedizin

15.–19. September 2015 - Universität Leipzig


Dear colleagues,

we would like to warmly invite you to the next annual conference of the German society for legal medicine in Leipzig. The event will take place from September 15-19, 2015.

This invitation should give you information about appointments and subjects as well as organisation.

In Leipzig the 20th annual conference of the society for judicial and social medicine of Germany took place in May, 1931 under the presidency of Richard Kockel. The medical faculty of the University of Leipzig celebrates in 2015 its 600-year-old existence. We have taken this to the occasion to invite you to Leipzig. We are glad to be able to present you a varied scientific and cultural programme as well as the completely refurbished institute building.

During the last years a unique new building has originated on the Augustusplatz. The Paulinum is used as an assembly hall and university church in which the ceremonious opening of our 94th annual conference should take place. In October 1989 the first demonstrations and peace prayers took place around the nearby Nikolaikirche which led to the peaceful revolution and reunion of Germany.

Convince yourselves of the charm of the commercial metropolis Leipzig with its historical Trade Fairs and arcades as well as the recultivated "Neuseen-Landschaft" in which we want to abduct you with an excursion.

Under the main topic „legal medicine in the balancing act between care and science“ the topical developments in research are introduced to you in the areas of medicine, molecular genetics and toxicology, however, also in the problem-oriented science. Practically oriented workshops should complement the scientific programme, especially for the ambitious younger generation of our field. The 4-day exchange of experience, also with colleagues from abroad, will contribute to intensification of personal contacts.

Look forward with us about to exciting days of scientific dialogue with lively discussions and a visit to the culturally rich centre of Central Germany.


Jan Dressler and employees